SHORE HOLDERS has developed lampholders for thousands of different applications and conditions. The parts on these pages represent the most commonly used lampholder styles and not our total capacity as a lampholder manufacturer. If you require a custom design, we will be glad to discuss your needs with you.

Lampholders are designed to accomodate the maximum current and voltage of any lamp which will fit within the unit. Therefore, physical dimensions, rather than electrical characteristics, should govern lampholder selection.


Lamps are referred to by their base, such as miniature screw base or double contact bayonet base lamp. Lampholders are referred to by the type of lamp base they accept - such as a miniature bayonet lampholder. Once a lamp has been chosen, you will be able to select the applicable lampholder style. Many mounting brackets are available to accommodate almost any application.

For Help in selecting the correct lampholder for your lamp, check out the Lampholder Selection Guide below.

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