Miniature Bayonet Lampholders

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For instruments, radio, television, automotive, marine and other miniaturized devices
Both series - test voltage 900V; Max. current amps, 2.5

4165 Series
-Mounting bracket provides one electrical connection
-Wire lead - standard 10" #22 105 degree C PVC 1/2" strip
-Two leads available upon request
-Custom wire lengths also available


4157 Series

-Nylon shell housing (firmly secured to bracket by brass eyelet) eliminates shock hazard and cannot rotate
-Wire leads -10" #22 105 degree C PVC 1/2" strip; one black one white
-Custom wire lengths also available


Typical Mounting Brackets

Printed Circuit Board Mounting

Lampholder Selection Guide


More miniature bayonet lampholders (series 4081, 4091, 4151)

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