High-Temperature Lampholders
(For Quartz line and other hot lamps)

Series 4385
Double Contact Bayonet
For High Temperature Lamps



Series 4385 are bracket-mounted, double contact high-temperature lampholders for high temperature quartz line and other high heat lamps. Maximum temperature raring is 250 degrees Celsius.

Choose from a wide variety of mounting brackets to meet virtually any mounting requirement.



Brackets: Most Common Styles

Materials and Finishes:
-Contact support - steatite
-Shell - steel
-Stock leads - 18AWG Teflon 250C (10-1/2" strip, other lengths available on request)
-Contact: brass
-Contact spring: stainless



(for incandescent lamps)

-Rated voltage - 125 AC or DC
-Maximum wattage - 500
-Breakdown voltage: 1250RMS at 60HZ for one minute

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